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New Step Forward offers movement education according to the Feldenkrais Method.

The Feldenkrais method is intended for people from all ages. It is about a physical liberation that improves your life quality and mood. It engages you in a fascinating journey to explore your body and your movement ability. The process has a direct and strong impact because it changes the self image of the person in regards to their possible movements. It can help you restore pain-free movement at any age or condition, recover from injuries, and release stress and chronic pain. It is often used by athletes who are interested to improve their performance and by people that their work is involved with physical effort and they need support.

The strength of the method is in the direct dialogue with the portion that is in-charge of the movement in our brain. It involves very gentle work. The change occurs in a deep level and often people report that it occurred suddenly and that they found themselves doing things they couldn’t do before. Through the change of the body the work can impact your emotional state, your relations with others, and much more.

Our introductory package includes a 10-12 week personal training program that includes 6-8 personal sessions and complementary work in small groups. We offer home visits for people who recover from injuries and surgeries.

The first year in the life of every human being is crucial to the development of their motor skills. This is why we also offer Feldenkrais movement education for babies and their parents.

We are located on Bowen Island and serve people from the lower mainland.

… one visit generated a big improvement. The back pain almost disappeared, and my knee problem became more localised and manageable…

Andrea Verwey, Bowen Island, BC


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